Pomps As Chief Ibrahim Sarumo, ‘Esa’ Emerges As The Babaloja Of Oju-Ore, Ota Market

By: Ogunremi Esther

The Akogun of Oruba, Ota, HRH Oba Wadud Dehinde has on Saturday, installed Ibrahim Sarumo Dada, popularly called ‘Esa’ as the new Babaloja of Oruba 1, Oju-ore, Ota, Ogun State.

The event, which was held at the Akogun’s palace on 30th November, 2019, has other Chiefs installed, among whom were, Mayegun of Oruba, Otun Iyaloja of Oju ore, Otun Babaloja of Oju-ore and many others.

While conferring the title on the new chiefs, the Akogun of Oruba, Ota, urged them to be careful in the way they associate with their followers, stressing that they should bear it in mind not to extort traders’ money and their individual right.

“You are not being installed as Chiefs today because you are worth this position, but because in any gathering, there must be a leader to direct others, which you are privileged. However, you must understand that these people might be your followers, you are their servant, because you must serve them right as a leader. Don’t ever think of extorting money from them or try to deny them of their rights. Any one of you that violate the right of our tradition will have to pay dearly for it.”

In an interview with VOA entertainment Correspondent, the newly installed Babaloja of Oju-ore, Chief Ibrahim Sarumo Dada said, ‘I thank God for the position I found myself today. It shows I am attaining a glorious height. I did not give myself this title today, but God in His infinite mercy has ordained some people to put me in this position.’

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“As God would have it, I am the first person to be crowned the Babaloja of Ojuore in the history of Oruba. However, I want to promise the people of Oju-ore market to put their mind at rest.

“Before this day, Ojuore market has been in harmony and peace. My coming in will not disrupt it, I will make sure things move smoothly and will not make the people regret the action of installing me as their leader. I will make sure i lead my people right.”

While speaking with VOA Entertainment correspondent, the Babaloja of Ota, Chief Saliu Alao Lawal, advised the new Babaloja to draw closer to his co-aspirant for them to work together in harmony.

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“The only challenge I think he can face is when he refuses to make peace with his co-aspirant. This is also a title I have been granted for years, I know what it really entails. In order for smooth running of his position, he needs to find a way of getting closer to those that also aspired for this position. With this, he will enjoy his reign as God grant him long life on earth.”

In a Chat with the Iyaloja of Ota, Chief Mrs. Adetoro Adeogun, she said, ‘Only a honest and vigilant person can be granted this kind of title. Even though ‘Esa’ is the first to emerge as Babaloja of Ojuore, he was not just given the title without any form. Esa was granted this title because of his attitude towards the traders in Ojuore market.

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I am happy that finally, the ball went to his court because the boy is a nice and very respectful person’.

The Oba of Oruba, HRH, Oba Wadud Ajani Dehinde told VOA entertainment Correspondent that the new babaloja of Ojuore was installed based on his vigour and enthusiasm towards the development of Oju-ore market beforehand.

“Ibrahim has been a boy that paid attention to different issues in the market. He is worthy of this post, it couldn’t have fit in anyone else except him. It is a good thing this title is eventually granted to him. I want to implore him to always work hand in hand with his colleagues and make sure the market is always clean and peaceful. Through this, marketers will always be happy they have a leader who cares for their well being and also be happy to come to their place of sales everyday.”

At the event was the Akogun of Ota, Onikotun of Otun- Ota, Ekerin of Ota, High Chiefs, Oju ore market men and women among several other well wishers.

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