Royal Institute Of Health Technology, Ifo Debunks School’s Reopening Allegation, Prioritizes Students’ Health Over Resumption

The Royal Institute of Health Technology, Ifo has debunked allegation levelled against it by the leadership of National Association of Ogun State Students (NAOSS) that the school management asked its students to proceed on the compulsory Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) as against the lockdown order imposed by the Federal government of Nigeria and Ogun State government.

Speaking on behalf of the management board during a peace meeting organized by the Special Assistant to Ogun state Governor on Students’ Matters, Comrade Azeez Adeyemi to reconcile the students’ body who had earlier alleged the school management of endangering the lives of its students, Mr. Wale Dada said, though, ongoing efforts by the medical personnels across the country to save lives during the pandemic was supposed to be avenue for its students to have a field experience on some of the things which the school has taught them, the management would not risk the lives of its students.

“Though the ongoing efforts of Medical personnels across the country to help save lives during this pandemic could have been a hands on experience for our students as it is currently obtainable in some states in Nigeria and across the globe, we would not prioritize the field experience over their health and safety”. Wale dada said.

VOA News correspondent gathered that the Special Assistant to the Governor on students’ matters, Comrade Azeez Adeyemi, while presiding over the peace meeting said that ‘the students should be recalled from their places of work so as to ensure their safety’.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wale Dada pointed out that the there are no students who are currently on internship in any organization and that the students which were supposed to have commenced SIWES on Monday, 15th of June according to their calendar has been asked to stay at home more than a week before the peace meeting was held on Monday.

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