Sango Ota Tactical Committee Warns Gbohun To Desist From Parading Self As Onisango Of Sango, Urges Public Not To Deal With Him

Sango Ota tactical committee has warned a ‘self glorified monarch’ in Sango, Ota, Mr. Adebayo Gbohun to stop parading self as the Onisango of Sango in the Ado-Odo/Ota local government area of Ogun state.

Speaking with VOA News correspondent, the Chairman of the committee, Comrade Azeem Oladimeji Salako, said that the committee, which was constituted by the Olota of Ota to checkmate the excesses of Mr. Gbohun is ready to use all legal means available to strip Mr. Gbohun off his ‘self acclaimed title’.

“It is in the interest of Mr. Gbohun that we warn him to desist from parading himself as the Onisango of Sango”.

The committee has also urged corporate organizations as well as general public to stop dealing with Mr. Gbohun and his co-travelers as Chief Wale Akilo, who is the Baale of Sango, Ota and is under the prescribed authority of the Olota is the sole legal authority over Sango, Ota.

“We urge the general public to stop dealing with Mr Gbohun and his co-travelers, as the prescribed authority over Sango Ota is legally devoluted to the Baale of Sango Ota and is domiciled within the jurisdiction of Olota of Ota Aworiland”. Comrade Azeem Salako said.

Recall that Mr. Gbohun Adebayo, a non indigene of Ota has made several futile efforts to be recognized as a Oba in the commercial area of the local government.

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