“Save Our Souls, Osuke Is No Longer Habitable For Us”, Women In Osuke, Ota Cries Out

By: Saheed Olajide

The women of Osuke town has on Tuesday grievingly approached the Olota of Ota to come to their rescue as they claim the town was no longer save for them to reside in.

The aggrieved women converged at the Olota’s palace to protest against the continual harassment and arrest of their ‘husbands’, and ‘male youths’ by men of Zone 2 Police command.

VOA News Correspondent gathered that most of the women, viz: old young and aged had either leaves or placards in their hands with various inscriptions.

Some of the messages in the placards included; ‘Omo-Olofin gba wa o, gbogbo awon alejo ti fi ile won sile ka kuro nilu o’, ‘Kabiyesi Arole Iganmode, egbawa losuke o’, ‘Police harassment and embarrassment is enough in Osuke community’, ‘Obinrin lo ku losuke, gbogbo eyin omo Awori, egbawa o’, among several others.

While speaking on behalf of the aggrieved women, a middle aged woman who identified herself as Sarah Omilelewe, explained the purpose of their protest. She stated that continuous police harassment has made their male children and husbands to vacate the community. She called on Olota and other well meaning stakeholders to come to their aides.

“All of our men that are aged 18 upward had left the town because of the rate at which police were arresting them. Police burgled our door even at middle of the night to arrest our husbands and children that are of age for the death of a man killed in-between Osuke and Ileeke.

As if that was not enough, our town has now become an isolated place where we can no longer operate in the market because policemen from Zone 2 can come at anytime to pack our people. Meanwhile, we didn’t really commit the offence we have been made to suffer for as the dead body was not found on our land.”

Prior to the Zone 2 police arrest, VOA News gathered that the Obasanjo police station had earlier gone to the town to investigate and verify if the report brought to them was genuine. It was later found out that the town was not guilty of the allegations made against them.

While addressing the aggrieved women on behalf of Olota of Ota, The Akogun of Oruba, Ota, HRH Oba Wadud Ajani Dehinde and Onikotun of Otun Ota, HRH Oba AbdulAkeem Odunaro urged the women to withdraw every charges in court in that the royal court would do all means possible to ensure that police stop arresting them incessantly prior to when the case would be fully laid to rest.

The women, who appeared to be satisfied with the intervention of the royal fathers, thanked them for their swift and timely intervention and further urged them to keep their own part of the bargain, VOA News gathered.

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    We Onikotun of Otun, Ota, not Olukotun. Pls, take not VOA


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