“Save Us From Being Cut Off From Other Parts Of The State”, Residents, Commuters Of Ilogbo, Ota Bemoans The Deadly State Of Almost Collapsed Bridged

Ogunremi Esther

Residents of Iwoye, Konifewo, and other parts of Ilogbo community have called on the Ogun State Government to save them from being cut-off from other part of the state.

Nearing collapse bridge

Some of the residents made the call while speaking with VOA News correspondent on Tuesday.

The call they claimed had become necessary as the only bridge connecting the community to the town and other parts of Ogun State is about to collapse.

VOA News learnt that since inception, residents of Ilogbo and other adjoining communities had shouldered the responsibility of constructing and maintaining this major link road, while Winners Chapel came to their aid when they could no longer bear it and made a bridge over the river.

While on a visit, VOA News Correspondent reports that the bridge is in much worse condition and residents are worried as the every day downpour on the bridge could lead to further problems if not quickly attended to.

In an interview with VOA News correspondent, the proprietor of Javy Royal School, Prince Joseph Obalanlege lamented that, ‘this road is the only route that takes us to the town. The road that leads to Ota, Ilogbo, Ijako, Singer, Atan and others have been blocked since there was no maintenance on the road.’

Prince K.K Obalanlege

“Without this bridge that links the towns, we would be cut off from other parts of the state. We want the government to please come to our aid as we can no longer do it on our own. If this bridge should collapse, so many lives and properties will be lost, people will lose their jobs and the remaining residents will be isolated because there will be no road to move out of here”

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He thereafter, called on Governor Dapo Abiodun’s administration, Winners Chapel, and Individuals to assist them in the reconstruction of the bridge.

One of the stakeholders in Ilogbo Community, Chief Adigun Oloyede said, ‘we also have been planning to try our best on the road. But residents are crying, they need government’s intervention and help from private organisations and even individuals. We however appeal to the Ogun State government to help and save us from being a downcast.’

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The representative of the Baale of Iwoye, Elder Oke Taiwo who is also a prominent member of the Iwoye family, said they have called on both the state and local government in recent times but none of them responded to their call. “Meanwhile the community has tried its best to fix this road times without number. The last time this collapse happened on this bridge, the Onilogbo Of Ilogbo intervened and sent some of us to solicit help from Winners Chapel and which was granted to us. We are calling on the government to also come to our rescue so as to prevent this bridge from total collapse.”

Elder Oke Taiwo

He added that, if nothing urgent is done, the residents would be cut off permanently from the outside world and every business and economic activities would be grounded.

“Some of the residents of the community find it hard to swallow the reality that the road and bridges which they labored to construct and constantly maintained, is being destroyed by heavy flood.”


While speaking to our correspondent, one of the residents, Pastor Sope Rufus, stated that ‘the community have been contributing in one way or the other to maintain the road, but it is now getting out of hand, we’ve realized we can’t continue to do it alone, this is not the first time we are calling on the government. It was winners Chapel that helped in the fixing, the last time it collapsed. We need the government support now, please come to our aid’.

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Another resident lamented that, ‘our children always skip school whenever there is rain, this road would have been filled with water to the extent that motorists and okada riders would have to stop work for the day, we really need support from the government’.

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Other residents lamented that they have not been enjoying social amenities from the government. “We have been suffering in our community, meanwhile, the major amenity that can take our lives is the road. If this road should collapse, so many of us will lose our jobs; so many children will be uneducated and our lives could be undermined”.

The community is comprised of different layouts and settlements which includes, Ilogbo, Okitikan, Konifewo, Ileeja, Iwoye in which follow the major road where the bridge is located.

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