Sheikh Ibrahim Sabeeq Blows Hot During M.J Oloyede Annual Ramadan Lecture, Says Good Men Are Hard To Find

All was not palatable for the guests at this year’s M.J Oloyede & Co annual Ramadan lecture as Sheikh Fadeelat Ibrahim Aina Aladi (Sabeeq) hit them below the chest while delivering a lecture titled, “Who is a good man?” on Sunday 10th of June, 2018 at Rainbow bus stop, Mupin, Ota, Ogun State.

The guests, who calmly seated and expected the guest lecturer to be cordial in his lecture met a little bit of disappointment as he refused to spare the rod in doing due diligence to the topic. The Cleric strongly criticized people across different works of life who were supposed to be fair, God fearing, kind hearted, cordial, polite, cheerful and affable in their dealings with their compatriots; but instead, are unkindinconsideratemean and cruel. 

The lecturer chastised Government officials and Civil servants who at the expense of their fellow men, have used their various positions to better their own lots. He cited a traditional ruler in Kwara state, who upon announcement of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki’s involvement in the Offa Bank robbery, came out to defend him, despite losing over 30 people whom he ruled over instead of allowing the law to take its turn.

Sheikh Ibrahim emphasized on the need to be prudent in spending the returns from any legitimate businesses, regardless of whether it is land sales, transports management, among several others, citing that some people have learnt painful lessons from not being prudent with their spending. He added that it was wise to lease landed properties in Ota and environment instead of outright sales.

While speaking with VOA News correspondent on who exactly is a good man, Sheikh Sabeeq said that a good man was someone who practices the will of Almighty Allah and especially, the one who fears God. He advised Muslims to be steadfast as the Ramadan winds down, and also urged them not to return to their illicit acts which are capable of negating their 30 days of communing with God.

In an interview with the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of Oloyede M.J & Company Nigeria Limited, Alhaji Mujeeb Oloyede said, it is only God that knows a good man. He further emphasized that no one was righteous. He advised Muslims to hold forth to the message of the sermon and to always strive to be a good man, no matter the cost implication.

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