Sponsored: How I Made N14 Million In One Month

The Freedom Project Tribe is a flexible online referral business networking that enables participant to do business and have access to their own franchise business. With affordable household commodities, increasing cash flow, create multiple streams of income, make daily profit from their investment, without investing huge amount of money and yet generate income daily.

At the seminar held at Abeokuta, Ogun State, the facilitator narrated how N38,000 can earn you N14 million in just one month, all that’s required to do is refer two other people to be added to your network and get them to also invite more people. He said further that the system could help raise capital for business. “Say for instance, the business you want to venture into would cost N500, 000, instead of being perplexed and you begin to run from pillar to post all in a bid to raise the capital. With as low as N38, 000; the capital of N500,000 can be raised in two weeks putting you on the track to financial freedom because this system is not like others you get your commission on a daily basis.” He said.

Speaking with VOA News correspondent, Mrs. Titilayo Ayokanmi, a civil servant, who has been in service for twenty years explained how joining the freedom project tribe has transformed her life in a year and half that she joined. “What I couldn’t achieve in twenty years of being a civil servant, I achieved it in a year and half that I joined freedom project tribe.” She said.

She explained further that what distinguishes the system from likes of MMM, GNLD, etc is that you get your money on a daily basis and when you refer two people you get N9, 600 on each person and you keep getting commission for as many people as are referred by the person you refer which does not disrupt your daily personal commission. Again, she mentioned that you’re being given products, sales is optional unlike others that capitalize on how much product you can sell thereby forcing people to go into hawking. “This system is very flexible.” She said.

A pastor, while giving his account, intimated our correspondent on how he had misconstrued the initiative as one of the previous ones he’s heard about and how they failed. Subsequently, he met with people that have tried it and heard testimonies of how the initiative has changed their lives for the better. He therefore decided to take the bold step last year when he joined. Hence, he enjoined anyone still contemplating as to being member that delay may be dangerous as he had had no cause for regrets ever since he joined.

Who’s looking for an opportunity to grow, connect and earn massively? Here’s your chance, Another training is set to hold on 3rd April, 2019 at Mokland Hotel and Conference Centre, Ota, Ogun State. All you need to do is show up and see for yourself.

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