Sponsored Post: Team Caso 2019 Annual May 1st Event Rescheduled For October 1st, 2017

Sponsored Post: Team Caso 2019 Annual May 1st Event Rescheduled For October 1st, 2017
The annual team CASO event  has been rescheduled to a later date.
 According to the initiator, Comr. Azeem Salako Oladimeji who made this known to our correspondent via his social media handle. The memo reads, “The committee of friends and family TEAM CASO 2019 want to appreciate friends, families and all who have been curious on the annual “CASO MAY 1ST FESTIVAL”, the annual event that will mark it’s seven years since establishment.
 The event has now been rescheduled for October 1st 2017 for a more comprehensive, elaborate and quality control. This decision was taken in good faith to ensure that we have a more colorful and eye-catching festival this year. This year celebration will feature as usual debate competition, visit to orphanage home, while we will be adding Ayo Olopon, Draft and Chess games competition”.
  In furtherance, he said, ‘the event will also launch a Book written by Comr Azeem salako Oladimeji titled “How Stealing From A Communal Farm Leads To Hunger In The Land“. The aim of this book is to exhibit the intellectual and sincere readiness of Comr Azeem Salako Oladimeji to bring about good governance through proper legislation and inter governmental relations to Agege, Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. While on the other hand, the book will also serve as a means to generate funds for the electioneering campaign of #Team CASO 2019, as each persons’ who gets the book definitely have in someway support the reality of this movement.
 Meanwhile, the event has been scheduled to hold in the city of Agege Lagos, as a way to continue to reach out to the good people of Agege on why they must make the right choice come 2019 by electing Comr Azeem salako Oladimeji to the Lagos state House Of Assembly to represent Agege 02. The event is to be packaged and sponsored by the TEAM CASO 2019 committee of friends and other interested corporate organizations and individuals. Other information related to the event will be published adequately and appropriately.
 “If you believe in the CASO IDEOLOGY either as friend, colleague,family, mentor, mentee, or any other way, this is the time to support the reality of a true change Nigeria, and a not too young to rule, either as a Lagosian or as a Nigerian.
  Finally, we sincerely apologize and deeply sorry to most of you who have been waiting for an update on the May 1st annual event. As May 1st marks his birthday, Comr Azeem Salako Oladimeji will be welcoming friends and family to mark the day on a soft mode. 


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