Strengthening Nigerian Democracy Through Citizen Engagement Of Capital Projects, Stakeholders Gathered At Ota To Chart A Way Forward

Stakeholders today gathered at Maridon Hotel, Ota to chart a way forward in strengthening Nigeria’s democracy through citizen engagement of capital projects.


In a bid to increase the level of understanding of average Nigerians, Justice Development and Peace Commission in collaboration with African Foundation For Environment And Development (AFED), organized a training workshop to sensitize stakeholders from both public and private sectors on the need to strengthen Nigerian democracy through citizen’s engagement on capital projects.


According to Mr. Olaitan Olumide who represented the Director of JDPC, Rev.Fr. Patrick, every citizen of Nigeria is expected to have three key documents which includes; constitution, Budget and the procurement Act of 2007 at their disposal as they go a long way in shaping every individual’s life because these keys are used in policy formulation and implementation.

During the lecture, citizens were called upon through the respective stake holders present to widen their scope of knowledge so as to enable them participate actively in decision making through access to information about procurement of capital project by the government.

The participant were charged to always follow due process which will help reduce corruption to it barest minimum.
At the end of the workshop, questions were raised and answered on the way forward on enlightening the citizens about their rights and what to do in holding public office holders responsible to ensure accountability.

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