“The Eguns Still Flaunt Court Orders Despite Supreme Court Judgments Over Them On Our Lands”, Baale Of Igboku Ipinle, Chief Ajayi Abila Ibikunle

“The Eguns Still Flaunt Court Orders Despite Supreme Court Judgments Over Them On Our Lands”,  Baale  Of Igboku Ipinle, Chief Ajayi Abila Ibikunle

The Baale of Igboku-Ipinle, Ado-Odo/Ota, Chief Ajayi Abila Ibikunle was guest on  the Awori Kitigbe segment of Igba owuro, a two hour program on Hebron 95.9 Fm anchored by Olulana Oluwamayowa. In an explicit interview with the Baale, he  addressed some issues as it affects the people of Igboku-Ipinle  and  Awori land as a whole.

The Baale,  speaking on the existence of the community, he dated the town to over 700 years ago. According to the Baale, their progenitor, Ajayi Agbede,who left Ile-Ife to settle in Oke-Iwaye of Ado-Odo near the palace of Olofin of Ado-Odo. They later left their abode at Oke-Iwaye to settle at Igboku which used to be a palm kernel settlement where their mothers used to make palm oil. He added that their fathers had boarders with Arilegba Olorosi who are the owners of Ishoki Ere. They used bamboo to make boundaries and they named the place where the boundary was made, ‘Ipinle’. Hence, Igboku-Ipinle.

Chief Ajayi said he is the first Baale of Igboku-Ipinle that is officially recognized in that the town used to have only town heads because of the relative peace. He added that the town is bordered by Ishoki Ere, Onitire Kengbe.

Speaking on the challenges he is facing as Baale of Igboku-Ipinle, he lamented that the Eguns have refused to obey supreme court judgement which the people of Awori in Ado-Odo has gotten over them on their land. He added that there are four of such judgements over the Eguns and the most recent one is that of Idolehin in Ado-Odo which proclaimed the Eguns as customary tenants on Awori land.

Chief Abila also mentioned lack of enough public schools in the town as the town can only boast of one Primary School and their children attends Secondary Schools in the neighboring communities because they have no secondary schools in their communities. He equally stated that they rely solely on other communities for virtually all their essential needs as a community because they have no market, public health care centers and security agent to maintain law and order. He however called on relevant stakeholders to look into the community’s case and come to their aids.

On Awori Traditional ruling council, the Baale said they are making frantic efforts to achieve it and he believes that soonest, God will avenge the them in Awori Traditional ruling council.

In his parting speech, the Baale of Igboku-Ipinle also advocated for unity of purpose ahead 2019 election. In his words, ‘we need to counsel ourselves now that now that the Governor has decided to throw his weight nehind us ahead of 2019 so that we don’t disintegrate like we used to”.





Aishat Yusuf

Aishat Yusuf

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