The Next Olota Of Ota Must Be Highly Educated – Chief Wadud Deinde, Akogun Of Ota

The Next Olota Of Ota Must Be Highly Educated – Chief Wadud Deinde, Akogun Of Ota

As one of few criteria for the selection of the next Olota of Ota, the Akogun of Ota, Chief Wadud Deinde has emphasized that the person that would be favoured for the stool of Olota of Ota must be highly educated.

He said this while appearing on Awori Kitigbe segment of Igba Owuro on Hebron 95.9 fm. Chief Deinde who addressed this among other pertinent issues bothering Ota and Awori land described that the reason for reiterating on high academic qualification is because some other Awori monarchs are well educated and that Ota which is a prominent Awori town can not afford to field in a less qualified Oba elect. Citing the Alagbara of Agbara and the new Oba elect of Igbesa land who has two and one M.Sc respectively as examples.

Chief Wadud debunked  the rumor as to whether the Government is deliberately withholding the installation process in that the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Chief Jide Ojuko also has interest in the stool. He added that the Commissioner has not confided in the Chiefs on his interest to run for the Olota of Ota.

Earlier, he stated that those that were delaying the process were the Ijemo-Isoloshi ruling house that were not at par with each other which was however resolved  due to the intervention of the Awori Natives Coalition headed by Prince Oye Taiwo and the quarter- Chiefs who worked relentlessly in making sure that the differences between the families were resolved.

Chief Akogun further cautioned that anyone that does  not want to delay the progress of Ota should not go to court once the winner emerge. He added that anyone who attempt going to court over the Olota stool will be tortured by the gods of the land.

While responding to question on whether the Ifa Oracle will be consulted,he  stated that Olumayowa who is the head of the family will write a letter to the State Government that they are ready for the mantleship of Olota of Ota and await response from the State Government to present all his family members who has shown interest for the throne. He added that the response of the Government will kick start the nomination and documentation process before names will be taken to the Ifa priest for consultation, after which election will then take place to make the final choice of candidate. He emphasized that though, there might be differences in the choice of the Olota in council chiefs which is not out of place, but the candidate with the highest vote will eventually emerge.

On the increasing menace of juvenile delinquencies such as the ‘Awawa boys’ that has infiltrated Ota community and environs, Chief Wadud has the parents and the School principals to blame. He however called on the principals to expel bad students from their schools.

Aishat Yusuf

Aishat Yusuf

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