“The Zones By Which We Are Divided Does Not Affect Our Unity”, Chief Abiodun Ibukun, Baale Of Obeere, Ota

“The Zones By Which We Are Divided Does Not Affect Our Unity”, Chief Abiodun Ibukun, Baale Of Obeere, Ota

The Baale of Obeere, Ota Chief Abiodun Ibukun in an exclusive chat on the Awori Kitigbe segment of Igba-owuro, a two hour daily radio program on  Hebron 95.9 FM has stated that the division of the Awori traditional ruling council across different zones in the state should not be seen as draw back to the unity of the Aworis.

Chief Abiodun described Obeere as a popular town in Ota which is only about 7 minutes drive from Sango, Ota. While speaking on the existence of Obeere, he said that the town is dated to over 300 years ago by their progenitor, Ekirun, one of the children of Oba Akinsewa Ogbolu, the first Olota of Ota. He further described their progenitor as a brave hunter who suffered barrenness at the early stage of his life. This made him to consult an Oracle who directed him to relocate, but was warned to pass through Oruba, Ota Oju-Ore and settle permanently after the first two rivers. Fortunately for Ekirun, his wife conceived just three months after they had settled at Obeere.  This made him to name the child, ‘Omo-shimi”, meaning, “child made me relocate”.  While on the journey, he took along his brother, ‘Isiyemi’, who later settled at Atan.

The Baale said he is the 7th Baale who has reigned in Obeere. In his words, ‘Ekirun is the first Baale in Obeere, he reigned from 1904 to 1944, after which Gbadamosi Oduntan who reigned from 1944 to 1954, then Isaac Taiwo Ogundipe from 1960 to 1974. There was pulsation for a while, but later, Sunday Olaogun became the Baale from 1996 to 2000, then came i, Ibukun Opaleye who mounted the throne in 2009 till date’.

Chief Opaleye lamented the increasing menace of land grabbers as one great challenge among many which his town is facing but assured that there is no room for them to continue their usual threats in the town because they have won 9-court judgements against the land grabbers.

He said the town has one Government Primary School which he attended. He however, lamented that there is no Government Secondary School; they are only making do with the few private ones they have. He added that the town has one Polytechnic.

Responding to question on the implication of the segregation of some Awori Obas and Baales who are under the Yewa division, while the others are under Egba division, the Baale said that despite the division, there is unification of purpose among the traditional class in Awori land, adding that the division do not affect their unity in any guise. He had the Akogun of Ota, Chief Wadud Deinde to praise for his efforts in making sure that unity exists among Awori Baales under the Olota of Ota council of Baales.

The Baale prayed that the wish of the Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun comes to pass on his plan to make a Yewa/Awori man succeed him in 2019.

He lamented that not all the Baales in Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government receives salary from the State Government, citing that under the Olota of Ota council of Baales, there are 36 Baales, but not up to 10 of them are receiving salaries.  He gave credit to the commissioner for Local Government and Chieftancy Affairs, Chief Jide Ojuko for his new initiative towards ensuring that all the Baales in the state has a proper record which will initiate the prompt payment of their salaries.

Aishat Yusuf

Aishat Yusuf

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  1. Home or away, the Awori in us is like fire quite inextinguishable.All it requires is to create accessible forum and events that promote unity, without necessarily waiting for government intervention which any a times political in nature.cultural events another channel of bringing people together if well managed.

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