“There Are Plans Underway To Maintain High Education Standard In Ado-Odo/Ota”- Zonal Education Officer”, Mrs Bamidele Makinde

“There Are Plans Underway To Maintain High Education Standard In Ado-Odo/Ota”- Zonal Education Officer”, Mrs Bamidele Makinde

The Zonal Education Officer in Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government, Mrs Bamidele Makinde has reiterated her administration’s commitment to maintain the high standard of education which the Local Government has set over time.

Mrs Bamidele, who made this known to Journalists in her office on Thursday during a media chat, lamented the high rate of unregistered schools in the Local Government, stressing that some schools are not approvable, while some are approvable after they have met some certain conditions.

She said that the former Commissioner for education in Ogun state had before now commenced an operation to clamp down on schools that are not approvable.

“Our former Commissioner for education in the state, Mrs Modupe Mujota has initiated a campaign to clamp down some schools that are mushroom schools and are not approvable; while those that are approvable should be worked upon to ensure strict compliance through operation ‘Praise or Shame’. To shame those that are not yet approved and praise those that have been approved and compliant with all fees of the state government.” She said.

While fielding questions on what makes a school approvable and otherwise, she said that a school seeking approval must have a space of about 1 acre of land, standardized teacher’s qualification, infrastructural facilities such as library, health bay, sporting facilities, and so on. She however, lamented the vertical development of schools as against the defunct horizontal development to lack of land space for school’s construction.

On complaints which some parents leveled against school teachers and principals over incessant resumption requirements of returning and new students, viz-a-viz; brooms, shovels, plastic chairs, blocks, cutlasses, baskets, and the likes, the Zonal Education Officer emphasized that there are authorized approved level of donations which are to be collected from primary and secondary schools and are well documented to maintain checks and balances. She added that there is a level of monitoring from the zonal office to ensure strict compliance to lay down educational rules of the ministry.

Mrs Bamidele told journalists that her office is working hard to ensure that the high academic standard which has been set by the town is maintained. She stressed that they are carrying out massive enlightenment of exposing students to competitions in order to maintain the standard.

“We carry out massive enlightenment of exposin students to competitions. For instance, The Ambassadors, Scholars, Ota Total Academy, Adedokun and the likes do not mind spending any amount in showcasing the school and their students. Many of our schools are really doing their best. It is because many of them are not being seen as winners, that is why we haven’t been hearing of them. We give students adequate exposure which would help the school owners and students in order to maintain high academic standard.”

She listed offices renovation, commissioning facilities, officers’ training and retraining for efficiency, capacity building for administrators for better performance, improved revenue generation, maintaining cordial relationship and getting feed backs from parents and teachers through questionnaire, as part of her achievements for the period of eight months since she assumed office.

She urged the Federal Government through the ministry of education to increase funding and give adequate incentives to teachers so as to achieve better result in the sector. Citing that some teachers who were posted to rural areas even at an elevated position chose to remain in the urban area, but with incentives, teachers would embrace such opportunities with open hands.



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