Three Expatriates Graduate From Ifa Apprenticeship In Ota

Three expatriates have graduated from Ifa apprenticeship in Ota, having learnt the trade for more than 12 years.

The apprentices, Lazaro Daudinot , Alexis Sanchez Venero and Lois Contino who have been learning Ifa from their boss, Oluwo Fashola Fawole travelled from different parts of the world to graduate from the trade which the renowned Ifa priest has taught them.

Lazaro, while speaking with VOA News correspondent, expressed his joy as to being hosted at the Ifa festival and the privilege of coming back to his source.

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“I am so privileged and happy to have come to the source where our fore-fathers brought our tradition from. Some of the Ifa songs we sing in our place have similarity with the way they are being sung here.” He said.

In an interview with VOA News Correspondent, Oluwo Fashola Fawole said he is happy to have graduated his foreign apprentices in collaboration with his annual Ifa festival. Adding that all human race have their source from Ifa and he doesn’t understand why the core Yoruba race that owns the tradition have decided to neglect the worship of Ifa when foreigners came all the way from their country to learn about Ifa divination.

“There’s nothing greater than traditional worship, they are traditionalists, so they have come back to their source to celebrate Ifa festival. According to creation history; all human race originated from Ifa, so it is nothing special in the white race coming down to Nigeria to celebrate Ifa festival. These white people you are seeing here today are the descendants of Ifa, Orunmila.

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They even value Ifa more than the Black race that owns it. I know that very soon those whose eyes are still closed to the reality of Ifa supremacy will acknowledge it.” He said.

Ifalomo Ifashola also known as Sango while speaking with VOA News correspondent said that Ifa worship should be embraced by all as the coming of the foreigners to celebrate the festival signifies that Ifa divination is genuine.

“What we’re doing here today signifies the authenticity of Ifa deity. We all know that before a white person can dedicate himself/herself to something, he must have researched about it and discover that it is true. I now don’t understand why we the Yoruba speaking tribe have refused to embrace it.”

The event, which was characterized by glamour, Egungun and other cultural display had the three expatriates graduating from Ifa divination school.

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