Torch-lighting Seriki Of Ota, High Chief Taofeeq Olanrewaju Bashorun’s Selfless Acts Towards His Kinsmen

By: Olamilekan Ajayi

Selfless acts may involve putting the well-being of others before oneself and not expecting anything in return. This could be anything from picking up someone’s medical bills, to settling someone’s children’s school fees, sponsoring a legal battle for the downtrodden, donating blood to someone in dire need, among several other humanitarian acts.

But the most important of it all is ‘putting food on the table of the less privileged’, because “he that feeds a belly, saves a life”. GF

High Chief Taofeeq Olanrewaju Bashorun, as described by some of his kinsmen, is a ‘dependable altruist’, an ‘unrelenting philanthropist’ and a ‘silent care giver’ who has won the heart of many youths. Since his making as the Seriki of Ota, he has quietly touched the lives of many youths, widows and aged within a very short time.

Chief Seriki, a Security expert, has loftily became ‘the most trusted and dependable ally of the Olota of Ota, Oba Professor Adeyemi Obalanlege’ say for his dexterity in handling sensitive issues and providing solutions to same. Within just two years of his emergence as the Seriki, he has won the heart of almost everyone, both young and old, not excluding his critics prior to his emergence as one of the kingmakers in Ota.

More than twelve youths has testified to his magnanimity since the commencement of the ‘sit at home’ order by President Muhammad Buhari, a move to curb the escalation of the deadly covid-19 virus. Each of them attested to receiving N5, 000 from High Chief Seriki. One of them said, “That man, Seriki, is a God-sent in this town. He gave me N5, 000 and asked me not to tell anyone. Then, when I met with two of my other friends, they told me same thing. He is really trying for we the youths’.

In his continuous bid to help cushion the effect of hunger during the lockdown, High Chief Seriki has also extended a hand of fellowship to groups and associations to the tune of N10, 000 and N20, 000 respectively, depending on the size of each group. He was also part of the donors of the ‘Feed Ota Initiative’, a group that fed over 1, 500 aged and vulnerable people in the wake to the lockdown.

Just as the commencement of 2020 Ramadan fasting, High Chief Olanrewaju Bashorun has initiated a program to feed 200 people for the next 30 days, a feat that has fed well over 400 people in the first two days.

Moreso, scores of children troop in daily to the country home of the ‘philanthropist’ to take part in the ‘feed initiative’ which will last for the next thirty days of the Ramadan fasting.

British Philosopher, Sam Bobden said in one of his quotes, ‘not every person would always act in their own interest. What they do depends on how much guilt they will feel if they don’t do something’. High Chief Bashorun’s sole reason for making his community a better place is not to contest a political position or have his office as one of the kingmakers exalted beyond what it is presently. But his sole reason for making the community go round is because of ‘the guilt he would feel if he failed to do all these things’.

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