Truth Erupts As Onijoko Of Ijoko, Ota HRH Oba AbdulFatai Alani Matanmi Confers Chieftaincy Titles On Worthy Subjects As Part Of Activities Marking His 75th Birthday

Truth Erupts As Onijoko Of Ijoko, Ota HRH Oba AbdulFatai Alani Matanmi Confers Chieftaincy Titles On Worthy Subjects As Part Of Activities Marking His 75th Birthday
His Royal Highness, Oba Abdulfatai Alani Matanmi, Otutubiosu 1, the Onijoko of Ijoko, Ota began the week long activities marking his 75th birthday on Saturday 21st July, 2018 with conferment of Chieftaincy titles on worthy subjects of Ijoko, Ota.
Oba Abdulfatai Alani Matanmi, who has a royal blood from the Ijemo/Isoloshi ruling family in Ota has been a hero for both family and community as he resisted every attempts by the Owus to capture and claim Ijoko, Ota, Awori land since the past one decade.
His 75th birthday anniversary is to him more of panoramic instantaneous playback of major Chieftaincy and landed tussles in Ijoko, Ota than his personal achievements as a career Business man, having won over 75 court cases, up to Supreme court judgments against Mr. Ogunseye, the self acclaimed Onijoko of Ijoko, Egba land.
The Onijoko of Ijoko, while conferring traditional Chieftaincy titles on three Ijoko subjects on Saturday expressed happiness in that all the tussles in Ijoko land had been laid to rest, adding that the opponents dared them to challenge them if Ijoko, Ota truly belonged to them. He further buttressed that despite several desperate attempts by their opponents and subjects to foment troubles in Ijoko, Ota land, their provocation proved abortive as he exhausted all legal means to putting their subjects where they truly belonged using all legal means.
He however assured Mr. Ogunseye of a peaceful reign in Ijoko, Ota if he was willing to join thousands of other Ijoko residents to move the ancient Awori town to the next level. Oba Matanmi reiterated that he was at no love lost with his subjects in that he is friendly and welcome to new ideas cum criticisms in as much as it is for the betterment of Ijoko, Ota.
While speaking with  correspondent, one of the newly installed chiefs, Chief Samuel Ogunwale Ojelabi Alasia, the Ajana-Oro of Ijoko, Ota said he was appointed on merit as the Ajana due to his good behavior and his commitment to the town.
Chief Samuel described the king as a dogged fighter whose love for the interest of the people was unquenchable. He said when the crisis was tough; Oba Matanmi had to take cover for the interest of the town and later returned. With this unselfish act, the monarch is a brave person in Awori land.
In another interview with High Chief Abdul-Lateef Akindele, the newly installed Seriki of Ijoko-Ota, he said he was appointed as the Seriki because his father was the Seriki 1 of Ijoko and after his father’s demise, he was called upon to take assume his position. He said during his regime, peace and harmony will reign in the town and everyone will be united across factional lines.
High Chief Abdul-Lateef described the king as a cool-tempered person who has respect and can face crisis. He further added that the king was someone that does not want enmity but togetherness in the common interest of Ijoko.
He admonished his fellow Chiefs to come together as one to make Ijoko a better place for all and sundry.
In another chat with VOA News, Chief Olusegun Matanmi, the new Aro of Ijoko said he was installed due to the fact that the chieftaincy title belonged to his forefathers and he was next in rank to assume that title.
Speaking on what he would bring to table as the newly installed Aro of Ijoko, Ota, he said as a result of the past crisis, they have to bring the people together and console them, also to call back the people that ran away from Ijoko due to the crisis and assure them that there would be no more crisis again in order to ensure that Ijoko moves forward.
In a separate interview with the Akogun of Ijoko, Chief Simeon Kehinde Williams who was installed 29 years ago by the then Olota of Ota, HRM Oba T.T Dada. Narrating the past crisis in Ijoko, he said while the present Onijoko was installed as Baale in Ijoko, the town was peaceful but then arose tension after his upgrade to an Oba as the Onijoko of Ijoko, Ota. He said while the Onijoko was a Baale, everyone, both the Muslim Community and the Christian Association of Nigeria used to come together and hold meetings but suddenly, there was a sudden decline in love as people were trying to contest the title ‘Onijoko of Ijoko, Ota’.
“This people decided to go to extra miles of meeting with the people in government and this invasion caused great devastation on the people as those in positions of authority supported the unrecognized Oba. They were people under Oba Alani Fatai Matanmi but they used force through the Olowu of Owu to take over Ijoko as territory of Olowu whereas, Olota of Ota has the control over Ijoko Ota.
He said the government soon realized something was wrong somewhere, they intervened and Oba Matanmi was fully restored back to Ijoko. He added that they have won several court judgments up to Supreme Court on Chieftaincy and landed matters in Ijoko.
“Before the installation of Matanmi, we have gone to court severally on the property, the land itself. Matanmi family was declared the settlers in Ijoko. Their father settled here in Ijoko and was the first Baale in Ijoko. This issue was resolved by the high court here in Ota. There was an appeal on this judgment to the court of Appeal and later to the Supreme Court. They gave judgment in favour of Matanmi’s family. We thank God today that this issue has been put to rest.
The person contesting the title with him was ordered not to parade himself as Oba, but he insisted. Then an order was given against him and he was sentenced”.
The chieftaincy conferred on the newly chiefs was part of the week long activity to celebrate the 75th birthday of Onijoko of Ijoko, Oba Abdulfatai Matanmi and the grand finale comes up on the 29th of July, 2018.


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