US Ramps Up Issuance Of Student Visas To Nigerians — Mary Leonard

US Ramps Up Issuance Of Student Visas To Nigerians — Mary Leonard

The US mission in Nigeria said it has increased student visa appointments to accommodate more Nigerians who choose to study in the United States.

COVID-19 has caused a decline in the issuance of student visas by the embassy in almost two years.

The US ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Leonard, who stated this during a Visa Day Celebration for Nigerian students studying in the United States, said processing the student visas remains a high priority for the US mission in Nigeria.

She said, “With over 13,700 students fulfilling their American education dreams, the United States welcomes more Nigerian students enrolled than ever before.

“Education USA team has helped Nigerian students apply for and receive more than $28 million dollars in scholarships and other educational funding to pursue their future.

“We know from our over 8,000 education and exchange program alumni in Nigeria, the tremendous community impact that results when these ambitious students return to apply their knowledge and skills.

“Here at the U.S. Embassy, we are proud of the diversity in American educational institutions.

“There are more than 8,000 Student and Exchange Visitor Program-certified educational institutions in the United States. Students can choose from virtually any subject matter, ranging from the humanities and liberal arts to the most advanced science, technology, and engineering fields, or STEM.

“The students celebrating with us here today reflect this diversity; they are studying international health, law, mining, fine arts, and engineering”.

The embassy also warned prospective applicants to avoid using third-party services to book visa appointments because they may provide inaccurate information.

Five students representing a variety of degree programs were honored at the event.



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