VOA Internal Seminar: Journalists Urged To Maintain Objectivity In Their Reportage

VOA Internal Seminar: Journalists Urged To Maintain Objectivity In Their Reportage

By: Ogwu Glory

Journalists have been urged to maintain objectivity in their community news reporting as it is one of the major element in journalism.

The statement was made by the facilitator, Deborah kayode at the Internal Seminar held at the office of Voice of Awori on Tuesday.

While delivering a lecture on ‘the role of community journalism in 21st century reporting’, she encouraged journalists to always put objectivity first when reporting news stories as it is a virile tool for professionalism in journalism.

She emphasized that objectivity is one of the basic elements in the field of journalism and as such; should be put into practice at all time.

She therefore reminded journalists that their professionalism would be put to test through conflict of interests while carrying out their lawful profession, but they should let objectivity be above personal interests in that it is the only way their integrity and that of the profession would not be compromised.

In a separate interview with the Editor-in-Chief, Com. Oyetoro Olajide shortly after the seminar , he reiterated that journalists ought to take the profession as a passion as against a business venture.

He also said that the VOA internal seminar was necessary so as to improve employee’s performance and to further strengthen the skills which the employees needed to improve.

The seminar was well attended by members of staff of VOA, the management team as well as men from the Department of States Security (DSS).



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