We Don’t Have Access To Our Land In Ewupe Despite Supreme Court Judgement – Ajibode Aidokun-Ogbo Family Cries Out

We Don’t Have Access To Our Land In Ewupe Despite Supreme Court Judgement – Ajibode Aidokun-Ogbo Family Cries Out

Families of Ajibode Aidokun-Ogbo family of Ewupe, Ota, have cried to high heaven over what they termed, ‘oppression’ and attempt to ‘subvert the rule of law’ by those who have prevented them from taking possession of their ancestral land, despite ‘Supreme Court judgment given in their favour’.

Speaking with VOA News Correspondent on behalf of the family, Mr. Kamilu Ajibode, who is the family head, lamented that the descents of late Prince Sadiru Obalanlege, Dauda Gbadamosi, Yisa Akinboyede, and Muraina Abatan, have been preventing them from taking possession of a large expanse of land situate at Ewupe which belong to their forefathers.

Mr. Kamilu said that ‘trouble began when Prince Sadiru Obalanlege challenged our family at Ota High court, praying the court not to recognize us (Ajibode Ayedokun Ogbo) as members of same family. The judgement was ruled in our favour that we are all members of the same family’.

He further said that the families of Prince Sadiru Obalanlege proceeded to Appeal court to challenge the ruling of the High Court and the court gave judgment in their favour.

“Not being comfortable with the ruling of the Appellate court, we decided to pursue our claim to the Supreme court in which five judges were to rule. Four of the judges ruled in our favour while only one ruled in their favour and a sum of N2 Million Naira was awarded to both the appellant and claimant”. He said.

“Regardless of the fair ruling of the Apex court, they are still not satisfied with the judgement and they have gone ahead to institute a fresh case at the high court”.

Fielding question on whether the two warring factions are related in anyway, Mr. Kamilu said that according to the history their fathers told them, ‘Prince Sadiru Obalanlege’s ancestral mother, Dada Aso’ was their family member. Dada Aso was married from Ota to a husband in Ilogbo, and was brought back to Ewupe by our fathers, so that she could be well catered for’.

“Since then, we have been cohabiting together peacefully until late Prince Sadiru Obalanlege instituted a case against us, the rightful owners of Ewupe that we were not part of their family and therefore, did not have right whatsoever, to the properties of our forefathers”.

He also said that Ajibode family have been installed twice out of the possible three Baales which Ewupe has had and that late Chief Yusuf Ajibode, from their lineage was the last Baale before Chief Sule Obalanlege was installed by Onilogbo of Ilogbo, Ota.

Mr. Ajibode, who told VOA News Correspondent that judgement was given in favour of his family by four Supreme court Judges against a judgement by just one Supreme court Judge asked Ogun state Governor, Prince Dapo Abidoun, the Police, DSS, other law enforcement agencies and well meaning Nigerians to come to their rescue as they can not take possession of the landed properties which belongs to their forefathers owning to oppression from relatives and descents of late Prince Sadiru Obalanlege and his co-travelers and that they don’t want to forcefully take possession of what belongs to them so that there would not be break down of law and order.

When VOA News Correspondent contacted the family head of Prince Sadiru Obalanlege, Prince Jelili Akinboyede, he debunked all the claims of Mr. Ajibode.

He said they challenged Ajibode family at the High court, praying the court that they are not members of the same family and that they got the judgement in their favour and the court asked the Ajibodes’ not to do anything on the said expanse of land without their express consent. He added that they challenged the case at the court of appeal and got the judgement in their favour.

He added that when the Ajibodes’ decided to challenge the case at the Supreme court, their own lawyer did not write his name on the charge sheet and that he only wrote ‘Joy Toye Coker & Co and was turned back to High Court which means that judgement was not given in favour of anyone.

When VOA News Correspondent contacted a lawyer who would not want his name in print, he said that regardless of mistakes made by the family lawyer’, the Supreme court judgement given in their favour is valid and supersedes any other ruling of any lower court.



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