“We Want Asiwaju Of Igbesa Land, Chief Ajibola Olagbaye As Our Senator In 2019”, Igbesa Indigenes

“We Want Asiwaju Of Igbesa Land, Chief Ajibola Olagbaye As Our Senator In 2019”, Igbesa Indigenes

The people of Igbesa gathered at the community town hall to endorse the candidature of Chief Ajibola Olagbaye who is the Asiwaju of Igbesa land.

The event, which was aimed at presenting the Ogun West Senatorial hopeful, Chief Olagbaye took place at a community town hall meeting that came up on Sunday.

While presenting the Asiwaju of Igbesa land to the people, the Ayelu of Igbesa land, Chief T.K Aina said the whole community decided to consult him in order to contest the 2019 election and after much persuasion, he decided to yield the call of the community. He heaped praises on Chief Olagbaye, narrating his good deeds to the people of Igbesa since the past couple of decades. In his words, “Civilization in  Igbesa today can not be said without mentioning Chief Olagbaye, who had at some points or the other came to the rescue of his people through material, financial and other humanitarian interventions. One of such is the establishment of Community Bank in Igbesa which happens to be the only Bank in the whole of Igbesa. Chief Olagbaye and some other prominent Igbesa stakeholders facilitated the establishment of the bank. Also, he provided a piece of land for the establishment of Male Comprehensive High School several years back. Chief Olagbaye had also been donating money to the celebration of Igbesa day, a yearly event. For someone who had at some points or the other contributed immensely to the development of the town should be given such backing when the need arises”.

In his own remark, Chief Oluwole Ajani, described Chief Olagbaye as a philanthropist who has selflessly served his people. He said that the Asiwaju of Igbesa land as he is fondly called is not a mere ceremonial title, adding that he has lived up to expectation. He relayed his experience with Chief Olagbaye in one of the meetings they both attended on behalf of the town, praising the energy and passion of Chief Olagbaye for shunning food until the purpose of the meeting was met. He further expressed confidence in the candidacy of the Asiwaju of Igbesa.

One of the youths who refused to mention his name said though, he is a member of People’s Democratic Party, but he had to support the candidacy of Chief Olagbaye because of his kind gestures. He asked if his age would not be a barrier provided he gets the party’s nod to fly the Senatorial kite in 2019.

The Asiwaju of Igbesa land, Chief Ajibola Olagbaye in his acceptance speech, said he could not have said “NO” to the call of his people. He added that his experience as two time Commissioner of Finance in Lagos will be a great advantage if the party decides to give him the ticket. While responding to the question earlier raised by a youth regarding his age which may be a limiting factor as far as his performance is concerned, he said that the Senate is for experienced people, citing that the Federal House of Representative is meant for younger ones. He emphasized that his experience will be a great asset in that experienced Senators in the likes of  Senator Mohammed Lafiagi from Kwara North who is 77, Senator Abu Ibrahim from Kastina South, 71, Senator Abdulahhi Adamu from Nassarawa West, also 70 years, among several others are performing extra ordinarily well in the Senate.

Chief Olagbaye attributed his acceptance to serve to the fact that he has sworn to deliver the people of Ogun West from political negligence.



One thought on ““We Want Asiwaju Of Igbesa Land, Chief Ajibola Olagbaye As Our Senator In 2019”, Igbesa Indigenes

  1. It is only fair that the governorship stool be occupied by all and sundry in Ogun state. It cannot and it is no longer the preserved rights of the Egbas and the Ijebus only. It is time for the Awori-yewa people to own their land, represent themselves and be equal to other citizens in Ogun state.
    It is inevitable that history be made for the first time, that an Awori-Yewa son will be the next governor. It does not matter what selfish maneuvers are being made by the some elders.
    We the Aworis in Lagos state share the plights of our brothers in Ogun state and openly declare our full support for their political quests. Aworis must be counted equal to all other sections of Ogun state.
    Now is the time, postponement is not permissible! Even God agrees with us.

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