Woman Arraigned Before An Ota Magistrate Court For Defrauding Church Member N550, 000 Meant To Trade In Bitcoin And Gold

By: Kayode Deborah

A woman in her early 40’s, Folakemi Onigbile was on Monday arraigned before an Ota Magistrate Court for allegedly defrauding a church member, Mrs Mariah Goriola to the tune of N550,000.

Mrs Folakemi Onigbile was however accused of two count charges bothering on ‘fraud and theft’. She however pleaded guilty of the two count charge.

The Police Prosecutor told the Chief Magistrate that the accused was on 31st of September arrested for collecting a total sum of N550,000 from the complainant and failing to use the money for what they agreed it was going to be used for and made herself unreachable for two months as the transaction began sometimes in July.

VOA News Correspondent gathered that the complainant attends the same church with the accused. She was introduced to the accused for business purpose by a close area daughter of hers that also attends the same church. Mrs Mariah Goriola, a widow in her early 60’s explained to Rhoda, her area daughter of her intention to embark upon a project but did not have sufficient money to fund it. Rhoda told the complainant about a networking business (TBC billion coin) she was introduced to by the accused, Folakemi Onigbile. She encouraged Mrs Goriola to also join the business as Mrs Folakemi had already told her that it was going yield a lot of interest within a short time.

Consequently, Mrs Goriola obliged and gave the accused the initial sum of N50, 000 to start the networking business. Thereafter, she proceeded to withdrawing an additional sum of N500, 000; of which N150, 000 was meant for gold that the accused claimed to also be involved in. While the remaining 350,000 was to be invested in the networking business.

Two months after the transfer of the money to the accused and the gold did not arrived the complainant realized that the accused had lied to her about being in the business of gold.  She got the accused apprehended. At the Police custody, the family of the accused was able to make a refund of N285, 000 to Mrs. Goriola and the sum of N265, 000 balance is yet to be repaid.

The case was however adjourned till 18th of February, 2019 for further hearing.

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