Woman Assault IBEDC Staff For Disconnecting Wire In Itele, Ota

Woman Assault IBEDC Staff For Disconnecting Wire In Itele, Ota

One Mahmud Suliat and Modinat Yusuf have been arraigned before an Ota Magistrate court on Tuesday on a two charge-count of assault and conspiracy against an authorised official of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution company in Itele community of Ota, Ogun state.

The prosecuting counsel, Inspector E. Itaita in the charge read, “That you, Mahmud Suliat and Modinat Yusuf on 21st of Jan. 2018 within the jurisdiction of this honourable court, conspired among yourselves to assault one Akinosho Modupe, a staff of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company.

The defendants pleaded not guilty to charge leveled against them.

VOA News Correspondent gathered in the evidence of the witness that on various occasion had the company given order that the defendants electricity be disconnected due to unsettled bills with the company. To which they have always faulted by going behind to reconnect.

Corporal Ajibola Olumde, Itele surveillance team while giving his evidence in court said, a case of assault was reported to their police station involving the two defendants and an IBEDC staff. “On the 21st of Jan. 2018, a case of assault was reported by Akinosho Modupe, a staff of IBEDC, during the course of her duty at the very house of Mahmud Suliat was assaulted where a disconnected wire was reconnected without order from the authority.

I went with the complainant to their office. on getting there, Mahmud Suliat had already mobilised some boys in the community and were already causing tension. as i was trying to calm them down, right in my presence, Mahmud Suliat slapped Akinosho Modupe. i had to caution her and identified myself as a policemen before she curbed herself.

I tried arresting her at that point but was prevented by her boys and was smuggled out of the vicinity. I reported to my police station and my DPO asked if i knew the residence of the defendant, which was disclosed by Akinosho Modupe and the patrol team was sent of which i was part.

On getting to her residence, Modinat Yusuf said she cannot be arrested admitting responsiblity for all the ensued on the 21st of Jan. 2018. She was therefore apprehended and brought to our police station. it was later that Mahmud Suliat came to join us.” He recounted.

The defense counsel when presented with the statement of the accused taken at the Police station declined stating that it had been tampered with.

Consequently, the Magistrate stepped the case down for continued hearing later in the day.



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