Zimbabwe’s Former National Army Chief, Major General Trust Mugoba, Dies Hours After Ex-president’s Death

Erstwhile National Army Chief of Staff for Zimbabwe, Major General Trust Mugoba has died few hours after the demise of ex-president, Robert Mugabe.

Mugoba died at a private hospital in Harare a week after he was admitted with an undisclosed ailment. According to government spokesman Nick Mangwana, ‘he passed away early this morning”.

Mugoba left his post in March 2017, after he was seconded to the African Union where he assumed the position of Chief of Staff of the continental’s body’s Stand-by Force.

It was only months after Mugoba’s departure that Zimbabwe’s military moved against longtime ruler Robert Mugabe, ousting him in a coup in November 2017.

Mugoba breathed his last, on the same day Mugabe died, in a hospital in Singapore where he had been admitted since April.

A family friend said Mugoba’s health deteriorated in August, forcing him to return home from the African Union headquarters in Ethiopia.

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